The sorbetto is a preparation composed of water, sugar, fruit juice and/or pulp and infusions, to which milk or liqueur may be added by request.


The base of fruit or cream is used with different ingredients added depending on the two versions. The fruit version is made with milk and cream, sugar and fresh fruit; the cream version however is prepared with milk, cream, egg yolk and sugar. Specific ingredients are then added (chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, hazelnuts, etc.) that grant their own characteristic taste to the gelato.


Presented in different forms (round, dome-shaped, mini-portions, tiny pieces, etc.) requiring a process different from that of gelato.

The composition of semifreddo requires ingredients of a soft consistency, such as whipped cream and Italian meringue, fruit purée, which are combines in layers to the creamy foundation (egg, sugar, and other specific ingredients). This is normally laid onto a base of sponge cake soaked with sugar syrup.


A base of different gelato flavours placed in concentric layers in a half mould.

The combinations may be different:

  • Creamy, in which the outer layer consists of chocolate gelato, pistachio or nuts and the core is made of chocolate cream. Another variety exists with the addition of crisp biscuit to the outer layer;
  • Fruity in which the outer layer consists of lemon gelato, lemoncello or strawberry and the core is a base of lemon cream or strawberry cream.

Cassata Siciliana

In a semispherical form. A covering of “semi-freddo” consisting of ricotta and a mixture of candied fruit is presented on a base of chocolate gelato.


A layer of Savoiardo biscuit soaked with Illy coffee, covered with mascarpone cream, topped with cocoa powder are the components of this splendid well-known Italian dessert.

Organic Gelato

This is the new trend in the production of gelato. A greater and more complete consideration for the health of consumers leads to consider the latest health movement and then to adopt those standards and production methods which are considered the new frontier for the satisfaction of needs for taste, quality, safety and reliability typical of artisan products.

Gelato Sugar Free and Gluten Free

For people who suffer from food allergies (celiac disease, allergies to dairy products), obesity and diabetes, our company has adopted highly qualified products (all certified by the European Health Commission) for the production of specific ice cream. To name one, in place of sucrose we use the Maltitol, about 90% as sweet as sugar and significantly reduced in calories. Furthermore it does not promote tooth decay.


Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream with Cinnamon


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