Nutritional Characteristic

Artisan Gelato has a high energetic and digestibility potential present in a reduced volume of food. It offers more comfort to people who don’t wish to substitute pleasures of the palate but at the same time are “figure conscious” as Artisan Gelato contains far less calories – in an equal quantity – compared to most desserts. Therefore to finish lunch or dinner with a couple of small portions of gelato – cream or chocolate, even better if strawberry or lemon, should not cause any cause for guilt.

The energy contribution of a traditional “tiramisu”, for example, is three times superior that of an ice-cream based on milk and six times as much as a fruit sorbet. It’s enough to consider that 100 gr of gelato made with cream contains approximately 220 calories and 100 gr of fondant-chocolate contains 542 cal, dry toasted biscuits 410 cal, popcorn 383 calories.

Therefore Artisan Gelato is one of the desserts that can be considered to all effects an equilibrated and well balanced options considering its excellent proportion between proteins, carbohydrates / sugar and fat.

100 grams gelato usually has

  • Calories: 100 to 220 cal
  • Proteins: between 2,5% and 4,5%
  • Sugars: between 13% and 20%
  • Fats: between 6% and 10%

The secret of a good gelato, regarding taste and nutritional properties, depends not only on the experience and creativeness of us Artisan Gelato makers but also on the choice of most appropriate ingredients. It is thanks to the choice and use of genuine products that specify and confirm that creaminess, consistence and “silkiness” which is expected from a good gelato, maintaining the highest quality and enhancing the taste.

Use of the right ingredients enable us to offer maximum guarantee regarding all the sanitary and hygienic regulations, therefore ensuring a healthy, reliable and controlled product. Constant research by the firms in this sector is in continual evolution, directed to offer us, as Artisan Gelato makers, and consequently to consumers, a product always safe from a health point of view, valid, good, varied and appropriately created also for sufferers of dietary problems and intolerance (Coeliac, obesity, allergy to dairy products, among the most noted).

Just to mention some solutions we adopted for people with these disorders, we can quote Maltitol (a natural product that, while providing sweetness, 90% sugar, is considerably less rich in calories and typically does not promote tooth decay) and the supply of genuine raw materials coming from suppliers certified and trusted and well known. It must one, in fact, that what has changed from the traditional ice cream are just the raw materials: as we have said, must come from certified organic agriculture.