The Pluto Ice Cream Company Ltd

Pluto Ice Cream Company Thailand

The Pluto Ice Cream Company Ltd. was established in 2001 at Phi Phi Island. From the beginning we used Carpigiani’s machines: Labotronic 28/42 and Pastomaster 60 because we were aiming at a high quality product. It was obvious in our opinion that all ingredients must be of the highest quality. We used Italian ingredients from the most important Italian brands and under the supervision of master Italian ice-cream experts we arranged recipes to enable our ice-creams to become acknowledged as the best quality ones produced in Thailand.

In 2003 we bought more Carpigiani’s machines (Labo 40/60 and Pastomaster 30) and we began to obtain wholesale customers. In 2004 we came to the conclusion that our main business should be the wholesale market and moved our production lab to Phuket City, in the meantime we improved our sale outlets in Phi Phi reaching a total of 4 shops. Our decision of moving the machinery to Phuket proved a great idea because at the end of 2004 the Tsunami totally destroyed the shops in Phi Phi.Pluto Ice Cream Production

2005 was dedicated to reconsidering our production: we produced dessert in mono-portions (tartufo, cassata, semifreddo) and increased the number of ice-cream and sorbet flavors.

In 2006 tourism returned to Phuket and this was the factor which enabled us to obtain the best quality Hotels and Restaurants in Phuket as our customers. At the same time we were award Health certification (OYO) as a results of further improvements made in our laboratory. This prestigious certification also applies to all our ice cream products

During this period we imported a special refrigerated truck for delivering our product to customers. The truck received hygienic and sanitary certification as requested by our Starwood and Small Luxury Hotels customers. At the end of 2006 we improved our production power by purchasing some more machines: Carpigiani’s Labotronic 60/90 and 2 Pastomaster 60 and a Friulinox shock refrigerator.

2007 was the consolidation and expansion year for the group of our customers: we increased the territory, achieving more than 20 new Hotels in Khao Lak and Krabi.

Starting from January 2008, we started a relationship of collaboration with a company specializing in the distribution of food products. We have thus reached the market in Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samui, increasing markedly our production. This led us to take into account expansion of space dedicated to the laboratory. We thus have bought the land, drawn up the project and started the work of building the new factory.

At the beginning of January 2010 the production moved to the new factory.

In the 2010-11 season we had a growth in sales of approximately 40% attributable to the creation and the image of the new factory. Thanks to the new laboratory we have adopted a policy of introducing new products (single-portion desserts and truffles) as well as new traditional Italian flavors like pistachio of Bronte and hazelnut tonda gentile of the Langhe.

In 2011-12 we bought another 6 new machines to cope with the increase of orders and we introduced gluten-free and sugar-free flavors, as well as the new organic gelato. In the period we have grown in sales by 38%.